Mothers‘ Mercy Home Graduates 2017

Dear Reader,

Mothers’ Mercy Home (MMH) opened it’s doors in May 2001 as a non profit making Ministry and many children have benefited. This being the 5th group of 12 students to graduate from MMH, we are proud of them for having completed another milestone in their life.
This year our graduates had an opportunity to participate in internships during their holiday and this has given them exposure and wide experience of what they want to become in future, we are sending them out with a lot of confidence having fully participated in all MMH activities.
There are opportunities out there, just learn to sport them, keep progressing since we all start humble and work our way up. We believe that you shall make the best of yourself and become happy with your life since you have what it takes. Congratulations and we wish you well.
We wish to thank all those who have participated in one way or another to ensure the success of these children. Thank you for being a great Inspiration to MMH our Bishop, Mothers’ Union, CHC Team, MMH & Medical Center Staff, all our friends and partners for making us achieve our goal.

ZIP -Mothers' Mercy Home Graduates 2017
Charity Waithira Njenga

God Bless you all.

Yours Sincerely
Charity Waithira Njenga
Manager – Mothers’ Mercy Home


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